2016 course dates  areThursday 18th February and Saturday 20th February both for 2 days accomadation is available if required with an option to stay an extra night or two by arrangment. Please email info@blengfarms.co.uk for more details as places can fill up fast.



 As well as learning how to lamb lots of different malpresentations looking after the lamb to ensure it gets up and lives is covered in detail as up to 15% of all lambs die in the first few weeks of life

Blengdale Training Centre Lambing Course

BTRC has run this course successfully for the last 8 years, it is a two day course, the first day covering the theory behind an easy lambing; e.g. breeds, feed, weather, timing etc etc, intermingled with practical using a group of synchronised ewes.

The sheep are synchronise to lamb as close together as possible so there is a better chance of problems​ occurring when students are here. We use a lambing simulator to cover all the different presentations and problems that can occur usually backed up by seeing the actual problems in the synchronised flock if possible. Different lambing aids are discussed, training given and used if appropriate.


As the largest loss of lambs in this country is after birth, hypothermia etc, the second day is spent on keeping the lambs alive, stomach tubing, glucose injections, remedies for various diseases of ewes and lambs , when to get a vet and very importantly what to say to the vet when you contact them. Castration, tailing tagging etc.


 We have had some great feedback such as 'a great mix of theory and practical, most enjoyable course I have ever been on, it is really good to be able to handle and work with the sheep, etc . The cost is £170 and £20 a night accommodation (waived if more than one person from the same place come sharing a room for up to 3 nights.)

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